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Muszyna is a health resort located in the Beskid Sądecki, in the valley of the Poprad River. Numerous sources of mineral waters, a large number of monuments and tourist attractions, wonderful tourist trails, a rich base of accommodation centers and sanatoriums make Muszyna more and more frequently visited health resort in Poland every year.

Muszyna's partner cities are Sulin and Bardejów.




In the mountain valleys of the Beskid Sądecki, Krynica-Zdrój, known as the pearl of Polish health resorts, hides. The unique atmosphere is created by stylish guesthouses, secluded green areas and a promenade in front of Dom Zdrojowy. Spa guests walk here between the pump room and sanatoriums or listen to the spa orchestra. They can also participate in many important cultural events for which this town is famous.

Krynica's mineral waters have been known since the 17th century. The beginning of the spa was the "Little House" built in 1794, which 10 years later became the first bathing establishment. In 1807, Krynica was officially recognized as a spa.

Numerous spa facilities were built in Krynica, such as the Old Baths, the Spa House, the Main Pump Room and the promenade, and the Larch Theatre. The world-renowned opera singer Jan Kiepura was most closely associated with Krynica. He enjoyed resting here and even built an elegant guesthouse in the spa: the Patria villa.

The Jan Kiepura European Festival dedicated to his memory is the most important cultural event in Krynica, attended by famous singers from all over the world. Some of the festival performances take place in the open air, on the promenade of the health resort, thus referring to the customs of Kiepura, who performed spontaneously in various public places. Krynica's mineral waters come from 23 springs, with the most popular "Kryniczanka" at the forefront. The waters here are alkaline and calcium-ferruginous sorrels. Most of Krynica's springs are available in public pump rooms, especially in the Main Pump Room. In front of the entrance to the modern building, "Zdrój Główny", a symbol of the Krynica spa, beats.

In the pump room, you can drink water from the springs "Jan", "Zuber", "Tadeusz" and "Słotwinka". A walk along the main promenade of the city is an opportunity to admire the historic spa buildings. It is also worth visiting Góra Parkowa, Jaworzyna Krynicka and the observation tower in the treetops at the top of the Słotwiny Arena ski station. In the surrounding towns, wooden Orthodox churches on the Wooden Architecture Route are also noteworthy.

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Bardejov is a small town located in north-eastern Slovakia, close to the border with Poland. It is an ancient, very beautiful city with a long history behind it. You will find many monuments in Bardejov, so it's no wonder that it is a sought-after tourist resort.

The most important part of the city is undoubtedly the Town Hall Square. There are several Gothic-style tenement houses. The dominant feature of the square is the Minor Basilica of St. Giles, which was built on the site of the former monastery complex. Bardejov is also famous for its fortification system, which is one of the most perfect in Europe. In 2000, the historic center of Bardejov, along with several local buildings, was included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List.

The town of Bardejov is also popular for its spas, which are famous not only in Slovakia, but also in many other European countries. The first mentions of healing mineral springs date back to the Middle Ages.

Bardejov offers entertainment in practically all aspects. Both lovers of historical pearls and lovers of natural beauty will find something for themselves here. Thanks to the spas, the city is also sought after by people in need of wellness.

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